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Establishes UNI-Management Inc.

UNI-Management, Inc. was registered on June 15, 2021.

June 15, 2021 is a lucky day in Japan as it falls on Tensya-bi(Tensya-day), a day of good omen. June 15, 2021 is an auspicious day because it falls on the Tensya-bi (Tensya-day) and the Ichiryu-Manbai-bi (Ichiryu-Manbai-day), which is also an auspicious day.


This day is regarded as the most auspicious day of the year by the Yin-Yang system, as it is the day on which the heavens nourish all things and forgive sins. It is said that there is nothing forbidden on this day because it is the day when a hundred deities ascend to heaven.

<Ichiryu-Manbai-bi (Ichiryu-Manbai-day)>.

It is a good day for starting a business, opening a store, sowing seeds, lending money, etc. However, it is a bad day for debts and loans that should not increase.

We, the founding members of UNIPLAT, will devote ourselves to growing together with UNIPLAT.

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