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UNIPLAT and ACIC-KL Startups Foundation Announce Strategic Alliance

UNIPLAT, the world's first online platform to support researchers and entrepreneurs promoting all fields and businesses related to the SDGs. A strategic partnership with ACIC-KL Startups Foundation, a company also enrolled in Section 8, a housing protection program for low-income, elderly and disabled people, was announced on April 8, 2022.

ACIC-KL Startups Foundation has been We help solve various social issues by providing infrastructure and fostering local entrepreneurs in underserved areas in India and other regions.

The Foundation also works to foster innovation and startup culture and ecosystems in order to make an impact in the region.

The partnership will provide mutual information sharing and services to registered members of the UNIPLAT and ACIC-KL platforms, and exclusive ACIC-KL content will also be made available on UNIPLAT.

UNIPLAT will also assist registered members of ACIC-KL in business development and fundraising.

The ACIC-KL Startups Foundation will also support UNIPLAT business development and grant funding in India and abroad for registered UNIPLAT users.

This will further promote sustainable development and will continue to provide a variety of opportunities and create opportunities to obtain funding.

Below are comments from Govil Alok, CEO of ACIC-KL Startups Foundation, and Takahisa Karita, co-founder, CFO and COO of Unify Platform AG, UNIPLAT's management company.

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