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UNIPLAT and the Global Summit Public Relations Group of Nations have teamed up!

UNIPLAT is pleased to announce its partnership with the internationally renowned public relations media outlet Group of Nations.

For 26 years, Group of Nations has supported public relations for the G7, G20, B20, and APEC summits, primarily handling macro information in global affairs for governments and major corporations around the world.

As the world's longest running publishing partner for the aforementioned global summits, the Group of Nations has established itself as the world's unrivaled and trusted information platform by organizing events that link government policy and the global business community, and by publishing and disseminating information, including official summit reports. The Group of Nations has established itself as the world's uniquely credible information platform.

As a result of this business partnership with the Group of Nations, a dedicated UNIPLAT page will be available on the Group of Nations website from February 22, 2022 (Tuesday).

The dedicated UNIPLAT page on the Group of Nations website will include the daily rankings of UNIPLAT Credit Ratings, an impartial evaluation of researchers and entrepreneurs, as displayed on the official UNIPLAT website, their top rankings, and the top rankings of the UNIPLAT Entrepreneurship Awards. The page also provides real-time access to the content of researchers and entrepreneurs related to thematic topics.

By partnering with the Group of Nations platform, a global authority with an average of 64 countries and over 4 million page views during the Summit, this will Each study and project content submitted to UNIPLAT can now be disseminated to a larger global audience.

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