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UNIPLAT Partners

Hello! This is Denis from Unimanet.

Today we would like to introduce you to some of Uniplat's partners.

They are all companies that people in the know know!

Company name | Pearson PLC

Location of head office | London, U.K.

Date of establishment | 1844

Company HP |

Industry | Media conglomerate (mainly publishing business)

Number of employees | Approx. 20,000

Service Area |Approx. 200 countries

This is one of the world's largest educational service companies, headquartered in London and operating in more than 200 countries.

It offers not only traditional English language materials, but also digital English language materials using the latest technology, e-learning materials, electronic dictionaries, online assessments, curriculum development, human resource development, and certification business, and is used by various educational institutions, companies, and organizations.

We are widely known in Japan for our work with educational institutions!


The first official print edition was published in 1997 to commemorate the agenda of the G8 Summit held in Denver, CO.

Launched to bridge the gap between government policy and the global business community, it is the official publication of international conferences such as the G20, B20, and the APEC Summit.

May 2021: Formed strategic business alliance with UNIPLAT and INC.

UNIPLAT (formerly known as UNIFY) was introduced as a groundbreaking global platform in a publication issued on the occasion of the G20 in Saudi Arabia in November 2020.

UNI-Management Inc. is an official partner of UNIPLAT.

We are committed to making a difference in the world through UNIPLAT.

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