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Good evening!

This is Deni from UNIPLAT!

I'll be writing about UNIPLAT again today!

To begin with, what is UNIPLAT? I'm sure many of you are wondering what UNIPLAT is!

UNIPLAT is a platform for UNIFYERs (people who post contents on UNIPLAT) to share their sustainable initiatives, projects, and research based on the SDGs with the world.

UNIFYER is a platform for interested people around the world to view, read, and rate UNIFYER's initiatives, projects, and research.

To explain it more simply, it is a system that enables research and business to solve global problems (SDGs) to be distributed to people all over the world.

And you can receive support from people all over the world in the form of donations.

Expected support

Creation of cash point opportunities

Industry-academia collaboration

Joint research

Financial support

Business collaboration


Branding, etc.

Uniplat allows you to post your contents as "videos, documents, and live streaming".

And what's more, live streaming is available in 7 major languages with simultaneous interpretation! Simultaneous interpretation is available in 7 major languages!

When live streaming in Japanese, you can distribute information to viewers around the world in real time.

With Uniplat, you will be one step closer to the world.

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